You are cordially invited to join God every Friday evening for a Sabbath experience.

And it shall come to pass...
And from one Sabbath to another, Shall all flesh come to worship before Me, Saith the LORD.

Your Sabbath Invitation

Many have been taught about End-Time prophecies within the framework of war, famine, plagues, natural disasters, and false prophets, as well as, the outpouring of God’s Spirit. However, how many of you realize that the Sabbath is connected to the End Times? The purpose of Your Sabbath Invitation is for you to consider participating in fulfilling a vital End-Time prophecy—right now—namely the Sabbath.

Sabbath celebration is not like instant coffee. It takes time to learn about the Sabbath and to put it into action. Your Sabbath Invitation will help you decode the Hebrew texts so you can prepare yourself to have a Sabbath state of mind that is free of needs and worries—to be completely enveloped in a sanctified time with God and help to usher in the End Times.


Your Sabbath Invitation is an introduction for you and your family to consider adopting a Sabbath lifestyle as a fulfilment of Isaiah 66:23 prophecy. By sowing into the ministry of Your Sabbath Invitation, you will receive video and written Bible teachings on the idea of Sabbath.

Sow into the Sabbath Partnership

About the Author

David Nekrutman is an American-Israeli Orthodox Jewish theologian, writer, director, columnist, public speaker, and pro-Israel activist. He is a prominent figure and pioneer in the world of Jewish-Christian relations, and is the executive director of Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC), co-founder of the Day to Praise global interfaith initiative, and founder of the Blessing Bethlehem aid organization. In addition, Nekrutman is a columnist who has written for The Jerusalem Post, Charisma Magazine, and The Times of Israel.

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